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Nanao Candle (Set of 5)

Nanao Candle (Set of 5)

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With a design inspired by forms in nature, these unique candles are shaped to reflect the different plants that grow in the region from where they are made, Takazawa - on the Noto Peninsula. 

These unique scentless candles are made of a plant-based wax that generates less soot than other types of candles. The wicks are made by carefully wrapping dried rushes one by one around a core of Japanese paper. This process creates a cavity that extends to the top of the wick; lighting the wick incorporates air into the cavity, which in turn sucks the flame inward and causes it to sway back and forth. The unique phenomenon of a flame that flickers even without the presence of wind also means that the candle will not easily go out.

  • 5 candles in a set
  • *Stands are sold separately*
  • Burn Time: 110 Minutes
  • Compatible with the Fluid Candle Holder and the Ratio Brass Candle holder 100, 150, & 200


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